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November 17 2017

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three internet trends i will (regrettably) probably never grow out of:

• …………..unnecessarily……. long……….. ellipsis’
• puttinfh a typo in eveyr other word to shwo u dont really give a fukc but u actually do

  • also unnecessary!!!! punctuation marks??????? like…… ??? what is going on here????? i!! am!!! so!!! excited!!!!
  • and™ totally™ unneeded™ trademark symbols™

personally I enjoy Random Capitalisation to show things are Very Important

  • can we also talk about starting a sentence and then kind of just 

stating something reblog if you agree

dude this isn’t even a collection of memes, this is a demonstration of internet grammar… anyone who says that when you type and communicate on the internet you lose too much inflection to get the real meaning just doesn’t understand internet syntax. the evolution of language in action.

the Rosetta Stone of the twenty first century

Also :) doing :) this :) to express :) bottled :) pain :)

or,,,,,using commas,,,,,, for elipsis’ ,,,, bc,,, it sounds better,,, in your head,,,, than periods,,,,,,,

pu t ting sp a ces in your wor ds at r and om time s because w hat the fu ck

Is it just me, or did anyone else read all of these with different tones of voice, volume, and inflection?

Don’t forget the B I G S P A C E S F O R E M P H A S I S

👏or👏putting👏hand👏claps👏 between👏words👏to👏show👏 importance👏

Thanks I hate it

Don’t forget italicized to show you’re being sarcastic.





There are a couple of things about current shipping culture that confuse me.  

1. The focus on whether or not a pairing will become canon as a reason people should ship something or not.  Do you not understand what the “transformative” part of “transformative works” means?”

2. This idea that saying “I ship that” means “I think that, as presented in canon,this is a perfect, healthy relationship that everyone should model their relationship after.” 

Sometimes shipping something does mean that.  Sometimes shipping something means “Person A is a trash bag who doesn’t deserve person B but I would love to explore how Person A might grow to deserve Person B.” Sometimes it means “I want these characters to live together forever in a conflict free domestic AU.”  Sometimes it means “I want Person A to forever pine after Person B.  Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.”  And sometimes it just means you like their faces and want to see Person A and Person B bone in various configurations and universes. 

Listen to your parents, kids.

This really should be one of a handful of Public Service Announcements randomly and chronically inserted into one’s dash.

Hell man sometimes it means “these two are TERRIBLE and I want to watch them burn like a catastrophic forest fire as a proxy for all the shit I don’t actually want in real life (like to light my own apartment on fire and scream) and then laugh at the destruction at the end.” 


 Me: It’s 2017, no one wants to hear Gravity Falls meta

Also me: Stan never believed Gideon was an actual psychic—even though he knew supernatural things were possible, and even though everyone in Gravity Falls was against him, Stan always insisted he absolutely knew Gideon was a fraud.  Why was he so certain?

Gideon always called him “Stanford.” 

Anyone with real mind-reading powers would’ve known that was actually his brother’s name, and he was living under a false identity






my brother is teaching his cat how to high five by giving her a treat every time she successfully taps her hand to his hand, which is all well and good, but now she thinks that she is entitled to food every time she high fives someone.  i can’t eat in the same room as her anymore because she’ll just bap my hand rapid fire and then go nyoom straight in for my pizza like no Kelly that’s illegal go finish ur own dinner

“No Kelly, that’s illegal.”

So, a while back, I was using clicker-training to teach my cat Taz tricks. She learned very quickly and it was a good experience all around, but we had to hide the clicker.

Taz had learned that the clicker meant she got treats. So she would find it, carry it up to people, step on it to make it click, and then SCREAM AT THEM to give her the treats she was clearly owed because the clicker had made a sound.


Pavlov is rolling over laughing in his grave.

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I rest my case

November 16 2017


pet peeve: hannukah posts where every addition is “to my Jewish followers!” or “in case any of you friends are Jewish!”

every year every holiday every single Jewish post is “to the Jews out there! :) I support you” and adding on to these posts is tough because the rest of the chain established Jewish people as “other” and instead of saying wow what a cool cooking video or wow what cool candles or wow this looks awesome people tack on stuff like “some Jews I know might find this interesting!!”

how condescending would it be if every time I reblogged an anime Christmas gift I said “to those Christians out there ;)” or every time I saw a rainbow “to those gays out there ;)” and the rest of the comments were the same. how do you get in on that post without having to say “real Christian here! etc”

reblog Jewish posts without reminding us how few are left. reblog Jewish posts without assuming you know nobody Jewish, reblog Jewish posts without feeling the need to present them. tumblr needs stop featuring posts by non-Jews EVERY HOLIDAY on the Jewish tags (90% of the featured posts are “to the Jews out there!”) and most of all,

do not reblog latkas with sour cream or sugar on them. just use apple sauce

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“Alex they’re mushrooms” is the new “Harold they’re lesbians”



the next sbahj update is gonna be the same image but completely covered in text that says “karkat if youre reading this please come unlock the front door i accidentally locked myself out and this is the only way i know how to communicate with you b”

[next page] “abe please this is time sensitive i left a lasagna in the oven”

Where’d he get Andrew Hussies face from.




alright disney,,,,,,if yall are really going on some ‘live action remake of all our old cartoon movies spree’ then listen up,,,,,atlantis. do you hear me?atlantis the lost empire (2001). diverse cast. strong plot. good moral lessons that kids will understand. everything. no more cinderella no more snow white no more sleeping blondie. a t l a n t i s




ʷʰʸ      ʷʰʸ             ʷʰʸ

       ʷʰʸ            ʷʰʸ       ʷʰʸ      ʷʰʸ

   ʷʰʸ         school tomorrow   ʷʰʸ

         ʷʰʸ            ʷʰʸ



i really like the advice “write marginalized characters but don’t write about marginalization unless you experience it” 

absolutely i think cis people should expand their horizons and write trans characters, but they shouldn’t write stories about being trans. likewise i think allistic / NT authors should write about autistic characters! but not stories about being autistic. 

represent us. absolutely. but don’t tell our stories. let us do that.

This is an excellent way of exploring/explaining that division, which is hard to express succinctly. Brilliant. 👏🏼

November 15 2017



hey lesbians

i love you

hey trans women and women aligned nonbinary individuals

i love you too









I haven’t seen anything on about this here so

“In 2016 Chinese officials confirmed they had lost control of the space station and it would crash to Earth in 2017 or 2018. China’s space agency has since notified the UN that it expects Tiangong-1 to come down between October 2017 and April 2018.

Since then the station’s orbit has been steadily decaying. In recent weeks it has dipped into more dense reaches of Earth’s atmosphere and started falling faster.”



If you’re wondering where it will crash

The ESA predicted that fragments could fall over any spot within 43ºN and 43ºS, latitudes which encompass major Asian cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore and New Delhi. 

The Middle East, the African continent, parts of Europe such as Spain and Italy as well as American cities like San Francisco, New York and Miami are also within the latitude range.

The space agency explained that it is not possible to provide more precise landing locations. 

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/chinese-space-station-tiangong-1-could-crash-into-earth-early-9394512

I feel like this would be an important post to reblog lol

“wheres it gonna land”
“haha honestly? we have uhhhhhhhhh not a fukken clue my dude. please dont ask again”

this is the vaguest prediction ever

one and a half degrees north of the impact zone

Out-Of-Control Chinese Space Station Please Annihilate My Ass

godspeed you! killer chinese space station 

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sorry for reupload i had to fix some transparency issues. i hope its okay now! thanks!

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two genders myth BUSTED



dungeons and dragons

expectations: lord of the rings, elder scrolls, game of thrones, etc

reality: It’s Always Sunny in The Forgotten Realms

The Gang Fucks Up The DM’s Carefully Plotted Tale Of Political Intrigue












Tumblr: *rolls out “best stuff first”*

My blog:

on the one hand this is a joke post because lol i have never made a good post in my life, but also, if i hadn’t made the connection between this update and my sudden nosedive in activity, i would have been really fucking discouraged about all the shit i’ve been working on lately. i guarantee there are people on tumblr right now who haven’t made that connection, and who are trying to figure out why suddenly no one likes anything they’ve made. and that fucking sucks.

Reminder to go into your settings and turn off ‘Best Stuff First’ because my activity’s tanked a couple days ago for no reason so this stuff IS happening.

You WILL miss content with that setting on.

i ain’t joking when i say that my activity looks JUST like this too and i wasn’t sure why

I can only find the option on the app under Settings > Dashboard Preferences.

To support content creators do us a favour and turn off “Best stuff first”. Open the tumblr app (Android or iOs) and go to “Settings > Dashboard Preferences. And please reblog this post, so that everybody will see this. Thank you very much!

I assumed I just wasn’t writing very well, but maybe it’s not just me.

Am I supposed to pay to get my writing in front of followers now?

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled sci-fi content because this is important for app users, and it sucks. We all follow blogs because we want to see their content, not to have a crappy algorithm decide what’s best.

This blog is down approximately 80%, which doesn’t affect me other than as an annoyance (as this is a hobby and @okayto is small-ish) but the issue undoubtedly hurts others.


Below are instructions for turning it off. You have to do it individually–it doesn’t matter if a blog you follow turns it off, you’ll still be affected unless you do the same.


We don’t normally reblog PSAs, but this is very clearly affecting us, too! If you haven’t been getting your daily dose of RPG humor, this setting is probably why. Turn it off so you can see all the silly shit players say!

Trying to reblog the versions of these instructions with the most notes, so they’ll actually show up for the people afflicted by this update.

How can we turn it off on desktop? 







So I had the strangest dream this weekend and nobody understands me so I need to share it with you because you might. Press J to skip this post if you can’t deal, I will accept this.

In my dream I was standing on the back deck of a rural cabin that overlooked a beautiful Vermont/Scottish Highlands landscape of unspoiled wilderness. It was a crisp, perfect autumn morning. I held a cup of cooling coffee in my hands as I leaned against the railing and scanned the perfect rolling hills in the midground, behind which the great patterned mountains with their snowcaps marched on until they blended with the horizon: #aesthetic

As I gazed at a distant meadow clearing in the trees, a pair of brightly coloured humanoid creatures emerged from the woods and began to dance for each other. It was an esoteric, beautiful mating dance, a strange combination of instinct and choreography. I felt awe washing over me. I marvelled. I felt a deep sense of wonder and peace as I observed this vanishingly rare encounter that I had never thought to observe in person. These animals were instantly recognisable but had never been studied in the wild. I felt incredibly humbled and privileged to witness this behaviour - I knew that I was the first human witness to observe this behaviour - and I reached for my phone, wondering if I should film it, so it could join the scholarly record, where it NEEDED to be. This could change everything. But then I held back - something told me “no,” to let the creatures have their privacy.

Ok, I can’t go any further without telling you that they were Teletubbies.

A red one and a yellow one. I know. I know. Stay with me here.

The cryptids melted back into the woods. My subconscious drew a discreet veil over the rest of their mating ritual, but I knew instinctively that this had been a dance of courtship. I was busy pondering the implications, because they were critical. You see, although the creatures were instantly recognisable as Teletubbies, as I had studied them, even at a distance, I had an incredible realisation.

They were adult Teletubbies.

This realisation dawned on me and in my dream I understood it fully. The ones that we know of - the captive ones that we have seen on television - are juveniles. In fact, they are the equivalent of toddlers. When you see the adults this becomes obvious. The garbled speech and silly movements of the four captive Teletubbies we know are the babbles of babyhood, a private primal toddler-language brewed up between sentient beings who have never encountered an adult of their own kind.

The adult Teletubbies have more branching, complex antlers and shaggy coats. They are less brightly coloured. They are terrifyingly large. Their strangely human faces, emerging from the thick fur, are unquestionably adult; remote, serene, reproachful. Their television screens are glitchy, esoteric and unknowable. They are cryptids whose public exploitation has undermined their rarity and their strange, alien dignity.

In my dream my feelings of awe and peace turned to great sadness at the fate of the captive toddler Teletubbies. I realised that I had to be the scientist who brought this discovery to the world and raised awareness of their plight. And I also questioned: are Teletubbies like axolotls? Do they exhibit neoteny? (Axolotls, the cute aquarium pets with flaring gills, are actually juveniles of an amphibious species - if given the right conditions they’ll grow up into land-dwelling black newts. But they can breed in their aquatic juvenile form, and most spend their whole lives in this form. Deprived of their wild potential, will the Teletubbies ever mature? Or are they merely experiencing a long childhood, natural for a species that is unimaginably long-lived?)

So in my dream my husband came out onto the back deck and I began to share these discoveries with him and before I could even bring up the axolotls he just said “what the fucking fuck” and went away again.

I woke up disgruntled and unable to capture the feeling of peace and sadness. I then tried to explain this to my husband in the waking world, and he said “what the fucking fuck” and walked away before I even got to the explanation of the Teletubbies being toddlers, which just goes to show that you never know someone as well as you think you do.

Anyway I’m sure you guys will join me in this knowledge. And also I’ve googled it and apparently the Teletubbies reboot features infant Teletubbies, so clearly they are getting more from somewhere and the time to question this is NOW

I have a personal theory that how a dream makes you feel is more meaningful than the content.

What I got from your dream was a sense of wonder and privilege (the good kind), followed by the need to bear witness and advocate for the cryptids. Topped off with a disturbingly accurate example of the attitudes you’d face.

(staring nobly into the distance) yes. yes, you understand. you understand.

I’m so sorry but this is what came to mind and so this is what I drew


Thank you so much for sharing that dream, it was EXACTLY what I needed to stop feeling like shit. Now I, too, am honored by the knowledge of adult teletubbies.

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